Required Files


How to Install the Raining Chain Editor

How to Install the Raining Chain Editor

  1. Download all the required files.
  2. Install Visual Studio Code, the map editor Tiled and Node.js.
  3. Open Visual Studio Code and install the Raining Chain Editor extension (rce-X.X.X.vsix) via "Install from VSIX...".
    RCE InstallExtensionOffline

  4. Restart Visual Studio Code.
  5. Unzip Raining Chain Game (
  6. In Visual Studio Code, File->Open Folder and select the Raining Chain Game folder.
  7. Restart Visual Studio Code. A message should ask to install the node modules. Accept.
    • Alternatively, open a terminal and type "npm install".
    • Note: "UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY stream-browserify" error is normal. Ignore it.


To verify if the installation worked:

  1. Start the server by opening the command list (Ctrl+Shift+P) and selecting "RCE: Start Server".
  2. Open Google Chrome and go to localhost:3000/game. The game login screen should appear.
  3. Create a new account and signs in.
  4. To close the server, press CTRL+C in the Visual Studio Code shell.


If you have problems installing the Raining Chain Editor, come get help on the Discord channel.

What's Next?

Check the Quest Creation page for guides about using the Raining Chain Editor.