Walkthrough Edit

Dissatisfied with his RNG seed, Brian sends the player on a quest to replace it.

Wise Old Man Edit

In order to find out how to change the seed, the player is told to ask the Wise Old Man for advice. He is located in a cave at the center of Southern River and is guarded by the Ghost Boss. Inside, the man informs the player about the Holy RNG Tree and marks its location on the minimap.

Holy RNG Tree Edit

The small pathway leading to the Holy RNG Tree lies west of Southern River. Here the player has to fight two Snakes, two Big Worms and two Mosquitoes at once before he is faced by a Slime Boss in the next map. The tree is blocked off by a fence that disappears when the boss is beaten. A RNG seed can be taken from the tree which just repeats a number over and over again, ignoring any communication attempts.

The seed is given to Brian who is then instantly disappointed by the lack of apparent change in his luck.

Pet Edit

Each successful playthrough of this quest raises the chance of obtaining or uptiering the pet Boo. Defeating the Ghost Boss triggers the dice roll.

Challenges Edit

Name Description
Duplicate The Slime Boss duplicates more times.
100 HP Complete the quest with only 100 Max HP.
Speedrun Complete the quest in less than 3 minutes.

Highscore Edit

Name Description
Speedrun Fastest time to complete the quest.
Speedrun [Duplicate] Fastest time to complete the quest with challenge Duplicate.
Cumulative score Most quest score for that quest.

Tips Edit

  • Use Area of Effect abilities to quickly dispose of the monsters in the Path to RNG Tree and the boss shortly after.
  • Use long range abilities in the 100 HP challenge to keep more distance to the Slime Boss in order to avoid its many projectiles more easily.
  • The quest measures two speedrunning highscores and involves a lot of walking. It makes sense to invest in Max Speed. The only way to raise this stat is to use a Bone Helm that boosts this stat.

Trivia Edit

  • A RNG seed is a number used by pseudorandom number generators to generate a sequence of seemingly random numbers.
  • The seed given by the Holy RNG Tree pays homage to a joke that even common patterns may be considered random given that anything can be the product of a random process. Another example of this joke can be seen in this Dilbert comic strip.

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